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RIP - Bobby Bowden


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The legendary coach passed at 91 today.  That's a hell of a run. 

While they might be rival team, I've always respected the hell out of what Bobby created in that sh*t hole, Tallahassee.  He took an all girls school to NCAA prominence for almost 2 decades.

I truly miss the days of that game right around Thanksgiving being a contest for the National Title.  Those Spurrier vs. Bowden years were epic. 

RIP to a coaching legend

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"That boy don't know the meaning of the word fear. In fact, I just saw his grades, and that boy don't know the meaning of a lot of words.”

One of my all-time favorite lines. The man seemingly did things the right way and yet still won. Always seemed to care about the kids as much as he did about winning. The stories just keep pouring in from the players about how they never feared coach, but never wanted to let the man down. An absolute legend. 

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Broke my heart 😓

Rest in heaven coach Bobby Bowden an amazing coach and an even better person. 

He truly loved his players as his own kids 😓🙏😓

I hope my FSU kids honor him this upcoming season by not only wearing their emotions on their sleeves but more importantly staying out of trouble off the field that'll be an awesome tribute to our legend 💙🏈💙

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