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Another JA Update from Seattle Times


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No we can never move on as I mean to endlessly stick it to the sunshine squad on here that bleated about how great jamal was every moment of the day when he was here, that he was a special player that he was a leader and quality guy and that we needed to build around him.

The delusional and since proven wrong jamal fan boys always want to 'move on'

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2 hours ago, Defense Wins Championships said:

• Jamal Adams could fart and then leave the room to get away from the smell. 

• Some of these JN posters would go out of their way and enter the room he left; in order to smell his fart. 

(Obsessed with him).




And na. I'm not complaining.

I actually enjoy these Jamal Adams created threads around here. It's funny to me. Because the same fans who wanted him gone still can't stop talking about him ever since he's been gone.  

But yet there are more Jamal Adams bashing threads than threads supporting Zach Wilson, Michael Carter, Mekhi Becton, Carl Lawson, Quinnen Williams, C.J. Mosley etc and ELIJAH MOORE 😂


madden GIF

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1 hour ago, Defense Wins Championships said:

Here's a thought. I'm just kidding with everyone man and I don't mind Jamal Adams threads being created because I just like to have fun in them.

In all seriousness he was good enough for Jerry Jones to beg JD with their 17th overall pick and he was also good enough for Seattle to give us two 1st round picks and that's good enough for me.  

So far Jamal Adams = Alijah Vera-Tucker (LG). 


And if Jamal Adams Vol.2 also turns into our next version of Kevin Mawae/Nick Mangold in Tyler Linderbaum Pt.3? 

I'll never let another Jets fan tell me JD isn't allowed to draft another "Just a 1st round SAFETY" ever again 🏈

I’m with you heart and soul. For a Jets fan, Jamal is the gift that keeps on giving. He might go down as one of the best draft picks in franchise history if JD    makes good on his next picks. 

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Be interesting to see how this goes. JA already played the "it's about the winning" and the, "disrespected" cards when he was a Jet and didn't get the contract he wanted.

Does he have a new angle now? Will he start to trash the Seahawks the same way as he did the Jets? Not so easy to get away with those types of shenanigans when you are not the highest profile or best player on the team.

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