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Former NY Jets HC Joe Walton Passes Away

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11 minutes ago, HawkeyeJet said:

Who might Walton compare to in recent NFL coaches?

I always like learning about Jets players and Coaches that were before my time.  

I see that he’s the 2nd winningest coach both in number of victories and winning percentage.  Would not have guessed that.

Adam Gase

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This makes me sad.


He was before my time but in 1985 the year I was born he was our Jets head coach (1983-1989). 


Thank you coach Walton for me being born into a 1985 11-5 Jets season (I think that's pretty cool). 

(20+ minute video of his 1985 Jets). 

Rest in Heaven coach Joe Walton

(and I already know coach Saleh will HONOR you this year). 


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I remember Joe Walton very well. He came to the Jets as OC in 1981. What a difference he made in Richard Todd and the Jets offense as a whole. Combined with his offense and HC Walt Michaels defense the Jets enjoyed two consecutive playoff years including going to the AFC Title game in 1982. He became HC in 1983. During his tenure as HC the Jets made the playoffs twice. In 1986 had the Jets not been decimated with injuries they would have met the Giants in the Super Bowl. After a very disappointing and injury riddled 1989, Walton was fired. Fans were chanting “Joe Must Go”during that season.  Walton remained very classy during that difficult season. After Walton came Coslet, Carroll and Kotite. I remember thinking during those years (1990-96), in retrospect, Walton was actually a pretty good HC and class act.


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