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Seahawks are “exasperated” with Jamal Adams


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6 hours ago, Sperm Edwards said:



And no matter how much anyone likes him as a player or liked having him on the team, seriously who does that?

A star player in HS (I'm guessing, but a safe guess); then a decorated college career; then being a #6 draft pick despite playing a 3rd tier position; then going to multiple probowls and getting multiple all-pro votes; and he's still so insecure he hasn't discontinued referring to himself as The Prez.

Even if there's actually any truth that someone jokingly or affectionately called him that, you don't refer to yourself that way. 

Someone's definitely fighting through some childhood issues, and money aside, it appears he's losing that fight. 

 Great player his whole life yet somehow has never won anything.  Even finished no higher than 3rd in the SEC West.  Wonder why.  

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14 hours ago, Defense Wins Championships said:

Didn't we make an Avatar bet that if the Chiefs don't make it to the SB that you'll be rocking an Avatar of my choice for a full 12 months? 


You're going to love all of 2022's offseason + regular season while rocking your new Jamal Adams Pro-Bowl avatar. 

Yep whatever I accepted I’m good with.  Someone PM me if I lose.  

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5 hours ago, TeddEY said:

Bleacher Report: You're calling yourself "The President" on social media. What's the impetus for that? 

Jamal Adams: "The President" came from college. A couple of my teammates, my friends, came up to me one day and were like, "What's up, Prez?" So I just came up with it.


B/R: You need to let people know who's in charge?

Adams: Yeah, for sure. Definitely. In charge. The head honcho. The guy who's going to do the right thing.

Holy sh*t, lol

He didn't even come up with it, and yet he's saying he did. That's like if I said I came up with the idea to make Ukrainian bride jokes about myself.

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2 hours ago, TeddEY said:

Did he?  Did he start calling himself that?

Yes, basically any time he dunked in HS he’d yell it in the act.  It’s so sad but true.  

As for the originating story for this name, there are many stories about how a high school player became the King. While some believe that LeBron himself stated calling him the King as he believed he was better than other players.


‘LeBron James used to call himself King James, it was weird’: Former teammate says he was taken aback by Lakers star calling himself King


LeBron tried to recruit Haywood before during Haywood’s time with Dallas:

“Before he went to the Heat, he was recruiting guys to come to Cleveland. I get a text from a number that I don’t know. It’s LeBron. He says: ‘What’s up, this is King James.’ It was a little weird he called himself King James but I kept going. He told me he was trying to get guys to come to the Cavs.


From ESPN radio NY, apparently he started calling himself that sometime between his sophomore/junior year growing up in a Christian-themed high school.

Dan Gilbert also called him the "Self-proclaimed King". 

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