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Jags release Tim Tebow


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31 minutes ago, jetstream23 said:


Your answer is wrong.  Hamsah will be MORE than a starter.  He has Pro Bowl upside in a few years.  I've been following him for a while.  Don't sell him short and don't fall for my bait, dude.  You've had an interesting couple days here recently, you should be able to sniff out chum in the water. ;) Turn on your sarcasm detector. 


Not selling him short. 

He's my favorite FSU Defensive Player of All-Time and I've already gone on record predicting he'll...

A.) Record 100+ tackles as a Rookie. 

B.) Make the NFL's All-Rookie team. 

C.) Pro Bowler as a ROOKIE. 

D.) All-Pro by the time he completes his 3rd NFL season. 

E.) HOF legend within the makings.

(I just think it's not right and/or wrong how Urban Meyer embarrassed Tim Tebow without giving him a fair Preseason opportunity; and used Tebow as training camp PR ratings for Jacksonville's fan base).

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20 hours ago, The Crusher said:

Can’t pass, can’t block and can’t catch. Has he tried kicking yet? 

You forgot to mention that he can’t hit or play the outfield either.  

Best/only ability is selling jerseys.  Maybe it’s time he worked a merchandise stand and signed his own Gators/Broncos/Jets/Mets/Jaguars jerseys?    He’d make a killing and the NCAA NIL rules allow it now.

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21 hours ago, southparkcpa said:

That $5 mil is an estimate and I believe it is low.

Found online....

Per ESPN, Tebow inked a five-year, $11.25 million contract ($8.7 million guaranteed).

Good point.  My bae for life Rihanna “only” made like $300M with her music while her other $1.4B came from marketing makeup products.

Side note:  ❤️ Her so much (who doesn’t?).  Everything she is, does or touches is gold.  😍 And even my wife lets me talk about her pretty much as often as I want. 

And now for a JN-approved gif, as is necessary and in following proper tradition:

Rihanna Boat GIF


@HessStation @JiFapono @Barry McCockinner @The Crusher@Spoot-Face

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Additional note on my post above:  Do you guys realize Rihanna’s net worth ($1.7B) is more than 4x higher than Beyoncé’s ($400M)?  Even when you combine Jay-Z and Beyoncé it barely puts them over the top ($1.8B combined).  

How insane is that?  The lesson:  The key to wealth is creating and selling a product you made (with a side of land ownership mixed in) rather than depending on others to pay you for your labor.  Ownership over everything.  

Rihanna made people billions with her singing/entertaining, while receiving a decent but certainly not a generous piece by comparison, before realizing she needed to start something of her own.  Good on her!  She never has to write another song again unless she feels like it some days. Jay-Z learned that same lesson as well hence why he and Rihanna are neck and neck in the net worth department.  

Happy Hair GIF

@HessStation @Barry McCockinner @JiFapono @Spoot-Face @The Crusher

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