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Throwback jerseys?


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I know the helmet rule got dropped but not sure if it is for this upcoming season or the following season, I noticed GB Packers have a new throwback uni for this year and the Browns are also implementing something. 

With a new rookie QB and highly touted WR ..can we bring back the 1968 uniforms I am sure Nike will make a good few dollars by releasing throwback jerseys for each team. Looking at the NBA model and the city edition jerseys that come out each year these are a huge money maker for Nike and the league when it comes to jersey sales. 

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4 minutes ago, doitny said:

arent they they same as the Bill Parcells 1997 team? then no. and no to 1968.

and god please dont bring back those horrible Titians jerseys. 


whaydda mean???? Our true team colors should be blue and gold!!!! Not that hideous green and white.

sits back, waits for fire to start.

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It's not for this season, it's for next season.  The Jets decision on which helmet, if any, to use next season was due on July 31 and they haven't said anything.

There are rules on the alternate helmet:

Rule #1:  If the helmet is tied to a uniform from the past, the helmet must be a match to the past uniform.

Rule #2:  If the helmet is not tied to a uniform from the past, the logo on the helmet must be the current (new) logo.

Rule #3:  Alternate helmets cannot be worn with the current primary uniforms.

So, for example, the only way we can get the 90's plane logo is if we go with full-on 90's throwback uniforms too.  So wishing for an exciting, brand new logo that has never been seen before cannot happen.  So wishing for a new helmet design to go with our primary green/white uniforms cannot happen.

Since we already have an alternate jersey that we wear very sparingly and since jersey sales of our new uniforms have sucked because of the quality of the team and the pandemic, there is no way the Jets are going to roll out throwbacks or a fourth alternate.

Add it all up, if we roll with an alternate helmet at all, it will be a black version of our current helmet with the current logo to go with our stealth black alternate uniforms.  If you want the '68's to return (raises hand) the earliest I can see that would be 2024 which would be the 60th anniversary of the Jets branding change from the Titans.


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