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Game Observations (GB)


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2 minutes ago, KRL said:

The second game of the pre-season was a total mixed bag:

- The Jets won.
- The offense and special teams took a nice step forward.
- The defense was shaky stopping the run, allowed too many third down
conversions and had too many penalties.  But they "bent and didn't break"
as they held GB to 14 points and generated three turnovers.

Let's take a look:

Special Teams

- Matt Ammendola had an impressive debut going 3/3 in FG with a booming
54 yarder.  And he showed a nice variety on KO's, kicking some out of
the end zone while on others he put them inside the 10 but with good hang
time which allowed coverage to pin GB deep.

- Braden Mann had a 46 yard average on his punts and placed three inside the
20 yard line.

- Impressive 70+ yard KO return by Corey Ballentine, but can he be a serviceable
CB and make the roster?


- Poor run defense and too many "gash runs" (32 carries / 135 yards) kept GB in
manageable downs which led to too many third down conversions (8/14).  That recipe
led to a neutralized pass rush (1 Sack / 2 QB hits) and not much pressure on Benkert.

- Too many unnecessary penalties away from the play (defensive holding, illegal hands
to the face) also allowed GB to extend drives.  That has to be cleaned up.

- But credit to the defense for being opportunistic and generating three turnovers.
Brandin Echols and Lamar Jackson with INT's and Jamien Sherwood with a fumble

- The best defender of the day had to be JT Hassell (5 Tackles, Sack, TFL, FF).  With
only two safeties definitely making the roster (Marcus Maye & LaMarcus Joyner) can
he stick as a backup?


- Another short yardage failure on 3rd & 1 for the second game in a row.  Which leads
to my next point, Alijah Vera-Tucker needs to get back to his LG spot.  Dan Feeney got
pulled from the #1 OLine after that short yardage failure and his replacement, Jimmy
Murray, was too soft in pass protection.  Apart from those two critiques the OLine kept
Zach Wilson untouched for a second game in a row and generated good push on the ground
(26 carries / 109 yards). 

- Trevon Wesco was excellent blocking as a FB/HB/TE again and even contributed as a
pass catcher (1 rec / 17 yards).  The "Shanahan offense" is looking for a Kyle Juszczyk
type of FB, can Wesco fill that role?

- Corey Davis with a big game (4 recs / 70 yards) as the chemistry he's developing with
Zach Wilson showed for the first time. 

- Tyler Kroft with a nice game (2 rec / 36 yards / 2 TD) as he catches the first two TD's
of Zach Wilson's career.

- Hard running with good explosion shown by Michael Carter (10 carries / 52 yards) and
Tevin Coleman (4 carries / 19 yards).


- Zach Wilson took a step up from his performance against NYG.  He continues to give off
that "3rd year QB" vibe that I mentioned last week:

 * No fumbled snaps
 * No falling down when pulling away from the center
 * No timeouts as the play clock is running out
 * No obvious missed assignments
 * No running around like a chicken without a head

But more than that there was production (9/11, 128 yards, 2 TD) and flashing of his "off
script" skills today.  The prettiest play being when he scrambled to his right and found
Davis wide open with a 35+ yard throw as he left his feet. 

Report From Last Week (To Judge Progress)



I like reading your breakdowns.   Keep em coming! 

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13 minutes ago, KRL said:

Zach Wilson took a step up from his performance against NYG.  He continues to give off
that "3rd year QB" vibe that I mentioned last week

As hard as it felt to see the defensive line (the strength of the team) gashed as much as it was, watching Wilson develop has been a nice change around here.  I think the CS is handling him very well nd bringing him up the right way.  I'm prepared for the bad days that are undoubtedly coming down the pike, but it is clear that we have a nice opportunity to develop a young QB into someone who just might be here for a while. 

Great notes as always @KRL   Its appreciated. 

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