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Zach Wilson vs. Trevor Lawrence/Trey Lance/Justin Fields/Mac Jones/Kyle Trask/Sam Darnold.

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This kid is special man. 

Preseason or not. Rookie or not. We've (as a fan base) never witnessed a Jets Quarterback perform quite like this during their preseason games. 


Zach Wilson (2 games).

16/20 (80.0%). 

191 Passing Yards.

(9.5 yards per pass attempt). 

2 TDs. 

0 INTs. 

0 sacks. 

0 fumbles.  

QB Rating of 120.7. 


I know both of Trevor Lawrence/Trey Lance haven't played their 2nd preseason games just yet but I couldn't care less about posting the statistical production of any of these other QBs (maybe others can) because I know none of them are balling out quite like our Zach Wilson currently is right now. 

He's truly blessed with an Aaron Rodgers/Patrick Mahomes type of A+ arm along with Chad Pennington's pin point accuracy and Dan Marino's quick release; he's the total package and you can just see it (because it's written all over his game) and you can't teach this type of sh*t. 


We haven't seen nothing yet. 

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