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By my count, there are 5 spots open on the team right now


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2 hours ago, David Harris said:

I’ll be annoyed if Berrios makes it. He comes up with a play now and then but his ceiling is so low. 

He’s slot only- a reliable but pedestrian punt returner.

Crowder is slot only. Moore and Davis can also align in the slot and excel there. 

Right. I like Berrios and would be ok with him as the 7th WR. But I’d rather just roll with Elijah Moore and MC returning punts if PRs duties are the only reason Berrios makes the team.

But I’d rather have Berrios the Herndon. Herndon isn’t contributing anything meaningful to this team.

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6 hours ago, Sarge4Tide said:

By my count there are 29 number of players guaranteed to be on the roster and 19 who are probable to make the roster.  For a total of 48 spots.

That leaves 5 spots up for grabs, maybe 6 depending on injuries

  • Backup Offensive Linemen (2 if McDermott is out) - Feeney, Murray, Levin
  • Backup Safety - JT Hassel or Sherrod Neasman
  • 4th Defensive End - Valoaga, Rasheed, Blair, Phillips, if healthy
  • 6th WR - Berrios, J Smith, V Smith
  • Placekicker - Ammendola or a late cut


Guaranteed: Zach Wilson
Probable: (Mike White - Hurt?)
On the Bubble: James Morgan, Josh Johnson

Running Back

Guaranteed: Michael Carter, La'Michael Perine, Tevin Coleman
Probable: Ty Johnson
On the Bubble:
Longshot: Josh Adams

Tight End

Guaranteed: Chris Herndon, Tyler Kroft,
Probable: Trevon Wesco, Daniel Brown
On the Bubble: Ryan Griffin
Longshot: Kenny Yeboah

Wide Receiver

Guaranteed: Corey Davis, Elijah Moore
Probable: Keenan Cole, Jameson Crowder, Denzel Mims
On the Bubble: Jeff Smith, Vyncint Smith, Braxton Berrios
Longshot: Manessah Bailey, DJ Montgomery, Lawrence Cager, Josh Malone

Offensive Line

Guaranteed: Mekhi Beckton, Alijah Vera-Tucker, Conner McGovern, Greg Van Roten, Morgan Moses, George Fant
Probable: Chuma Edoga, (Conor McDermott - Hurt?)
On the Bubble: Dan Feeney, James Murray, Corey Levin, Grant Hermanns
Longshot: Tristen Hoge, David Moore

Defensive Line

Guaranteed: Quinnen Williams, Shelton Rankins, Foley Fatukasi, John Franklin-Myers, Bryce Huff
Probable: (Vinny Curry - Hurt?), Nathan Shepherd, Jonathan Marshall
On the Bubble: Ronald Blair, (Kyle Phillips - Hurt?), Jeremiah Valoaga, Jabari Zuniga
Longshot: Tanzel Smart, Hamilcar Rasheed


Guaranteed: CJ Mosley, Jarrad Davis, Hamsah Nasrilisdeen, 
Probable: Jamien Sherwood, Blake Cashman
On the Bubble: Noah Dawkins, Edmond Robinson
Longshot: Del'Shawn Phillips, Camilo Eifler


Guaranteed: Bryce Hall, Marcus Maye, Lamarcus Joyner, Bless Austin, Michael Carter II
Probable: Javelin Guidry, (Ashton Davis - Hurt?), Brandon Echols, Jason Pinnock
On the Bubble: JT Hassell, Isaiah Dunn, Sherrod Neasman
Longshot: Elijah Campbell


Guaranteed: Bradon Mann (P), Thomas Hennessey (LS)
Probable:  Justin Hardee (ST)
On the Bubble: Matt Amendola (PK)
Longshot: Corey Ballentine (KR) - Hurt?

Ty Johnson is a lock.  Should be RB1 TBH.  Wesco will be the FB.

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3 hours ago, GreenFish said:

I was thinking the same thing. Carry 7 WRs and 3 TEs

Anything is possible but they're going to run a ton of 2 TE sets so they'd be in trouble if there's an injury.  I'd prefer 7/3 I think it'll be 6/4.  I'd love 7/4 but don't see that happening. 

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9 hours ago, Happy Clouds said:

Even though the tight end group is weak, I’m not convinced Chris Herndon is guaranteed a roster spot.

I agree with this. Haven't seen or heard anything from him to guarantee anything. Kroft seems to be locking in that #1 TE spot. Wesco with the versatility might be locked into #2. Does Herndon play ST's?

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1 hour ago, Barry McCockinner said:

I agree with this. Haven't seen or heard anything from him to guarantee anything. Kroft seems to be locking in that #1 TE spot. Wesco with the versatility might be locked into #2. Does Herndon play ST's?

There gonna  keep 3 TEs and Wesco, so unless somebody new comes along your choice is two of Herndon, Griffin or Brown. Herndon is a decent blocker. I bet he stays.

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