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Jets/Eagles Joint Practice 8/24


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Now the D gets a few days going against a mobile QB. I think these joint practices were a great idea and will be helpful for the players growth moving forward. Also helps see what works against different looks without having it be on view for all the other teams. 


Also, only on page 2 so far (Becton throwing up while I am eating is lovely to read) so I hope no one died by now. 

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More injuries. ****.

The patchwork line seems to be a disaster. Need Becton and AVT at 100% and for the latter to get caught up fast. This group has struggled against anything decent it seems. 

Wilson feels like one of our best players already. Seemed to have a nice day in spite of the constant pressure.

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1 hour ago, kdels62 said:

It’s hot and humid. I think this is a valid concern.

Tell Becton to take 2 Aspirin's and hydrate he will be fine . I wouldn't take that advice though as i was in the Military in the early 90'S  and everything was take pills and hydrate even if you took a bullet lol. 

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31 minutes ago, Patriot Killa said:

Feeney is the worst pick up JD has ever made — yea that includes Khalil.

Feeney sucks but I gotta disagree. Khalil was the worst lineman we've had since JD got here, and was supposed to be a starter. WAS a starter. Feeney is only playing because Lewis retired.

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3 minutes ago, Joe W. Namath said:

So we look terrible day 1, will look a little better tomorrow and then beat them and look good on Friday night.

This is our MO.

if we're being honest with ourselves, the guys giving the Jets problems in the join practices are sitting during games.

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