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Jets Hire Matt Cavanaugh as Offensive Assistant Coach

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I really like this addition because at 64 years old this guy has a lot of QB experience.  


New England Patriots (1978–1982)

San Francisco 49ers (1983–1985)

Philadelphia Eagles (1986–1989)

New York Giants (1990–1991).

• Played in 112 games with only 19 games started but nonetheless 13 years of NFL and QB experience and even got to pick the brain of and backup the likes of Phil Simms, Randall Cunningham and Joe Montana. 


Arizona Cardinals (1994–1995)
Quarterbacks coach.

San Francisco 49ers (1996)
Quarterbacks coach.

Chicago Bears (1997–1998)
Offensive coordinator.

Baltimore Ravens (1999–2004)
Offensive coordinator.  

New York Jets (2009–2012)
Quarterbacks coach.

Chicago Bears (2013–2014)
Quarterbacks coach.

Washington Redskins (2015–2016)
Quarterbacks coach.

Washington Redskins (2017–2018)
Offensive coordinator.

Washington Redskins (2019)
Senior offensive assistant.

• 22 years of coaching experience and got to QB Coach for Steve Young of 1996 (12-4).

Throughout his 5 years as Baltimore's Offensive Coordinator he had 4 winning seasons and a SB (Trent Dilfer as his QB who played extremely efficient).

2 years with Jay Cutler as his QB coach (Culter had his 2nd highest single season QB Rating under him).

2 years with Kirk Cousins as QB coach who made a Pro Bowl under him (one of the most underrated QBs of All-Time). 

2017 as Redskins OC Kirk Cousins balled out with 27 TDs/13 INTs QBR of 93.9 and 2018 as Redskins OC and in 2018 as Redskins OC had Alex Smith who went 6-4 with 10 TDs/5 INTs.

And imo more importantly was the QB coach for Mark Sanchez during back to back AFC Championship Games of 2009 and 2010. 

https://youtu.be/VEHH1Wgd5Dw (Mark Sanchez postseason highlights).

I think this is an excellent addition for a Rookie Zach Wilson and also for a younger 1st time OC in Mike Mike LaFleur too. 


I'll always believe in younger QBs having professional QB coaches more than I do younger QBs having veteran backups (who deep down inside don't want them to succeed due to chomping at the bit for playing time).

Rest In Heaven Coach Greg Knapp. 

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8 hours ago, Mogglez said:

Like I said earlier, for all of his flaws, Mark had beautiful mechanics and footwork.  That was all Cavanaugh.

Mark did have excellent mechanics and footwork it was more about the reads or lack thereof and inaccuracy with him

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18 hours ago, David Harris said:

What a shame about Knapp.  Steve Young touted him so high for ZW (not being insensitive about the loss of life of course).  

You don't need to justify with a disclaimer.  It is implied.  It's ok to be upset about not having Knapp as a QB coach, it should go without saying his death is tragic and most unfortunate for his family.  God bless his family!

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