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CBS "Some Jaguars players 'aren't thrilled' with head coach Urban Meyer and his 'college-like' ways"

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1 hour ago, Action Zachtion said:

"They haven't gotten off to a good start, that's obvious," Prisco recently said on The DA Show. "He clearly does not like losing, even if it's in the preseason. I heard he had a rough go of it last week just because he lost his first preseason game, and that's not an attitude that you need to have in the NFL. 

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20 minutes ago, DepressedJetsFan23 said:

Of all coaches that would have wanted to work with tlaw I didn’t understand this hire. Really did not understand etienne pick at time of draft and  it looks even worse now 

My sources tell me that when Etienne went down, Urban Meyer was heard screaming, "Etienne! Etienne!" Urban then clicked his heels together three times, yelling, "there's no place like Ohio! there's no place like Ohio!"

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2 hours ago, SAR I said:


Nice!  I’ve got this one (without the autograph) which I bought on eBay in 2001 along with the program and ticket stub, all 3 were actually at the game in Miami.



And then there’s this, very rare unused ticket to the AFL Championship Game.  I’m going to bring it with me for luck at the AFC Championship Game at MetLife.


Is that SB program a reprint? Gorgeous condition. 

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