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2 hours ago, Green hat said:

I might keep him over Brown but not Kroft, Herndon or Wesco. Do we have room for a developmental 4rth TE that doesn't block (yet) ? 

Yeboah or no Yeboah, we need to bring in a FA or use a draft pick next year

maybe we do use a 4th TE and one less DB. maybe

i do agree we need to use a high draft pick on a TE. and i just read that we pick 2nd in the wavier wire when the cuts happened tomorrow so if a good one is available we might get him. but i would hope we use the 1st one on a CB. were really thin there.

2 hours ago, thebuzzardman said:

This seems reasonable. 

Kroft and Herndon are the guys who resemble NFL tight ends, nominally, at least. 

Wesco has the FB role and the team seems committed to that. 

It's not a slight to Yeah-Boyah! to go the PS. He's clearly a developmental player. The used enough $ to get him as a UDFA that they must have some level of confidence that they can, in fact, develop him, or it's worth the $ to try. 

PS for a year, makes team next year, maybe. 

your right in everything you said. I'm just worried he doesn't make it or last on the PS and someone else finds room for him and next year hes a really good TE. and we regret it cause with our luck BB loves picking up people we cut and turning them into something. we will see what his newest project Langi does.

as much as i love the optimism of some guys here who think we can win 10 plus games and win the division , were not. most of us know that. so if there ever was a time we could carry a guy like Yeboah, to protect him from going to another team its now. i expect that will happened at the CB position and maybe elsewhere. 

if we find room for Yeboah and he doesn't do well its not like hes going to cost us the division or the playoffs. that's next year.

and boy do we have some short memories. did we all forget how Herndon couldn't catch a pass last year? we couldn't wait to cut him and now we cant lose him. this is the year to let the kids play. see who sinks or swims. maybe we find a few gems. and that goes for the whole team

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He just made the team tonight!!!! All offseason I've been posting his 2020 Ole' Miss statistics, his highlight videos vs. both Florida and ALABAMA and absolutely RAVING about this kid and t

Who else wants to cut Yeboah just to spite DWC?

So this is just f**king creepy….Lol      

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2 minutes ago, joewilly12 said:

Hopefully the kid goes to the PS and if he does go on to another team I wish him the best except when playing the NY Jets. 

Doubt he signs anywhere else.  He is very raw -- would have to go direct to someone else's active roster if claimed and most teams are better set at TE than we are.  I fully expect him to be on the practice squad tomorrow.

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17 minutes ago, Saul Goodman said:

Every one of DWC’s predictions about this season and the players is going to turn out to be wrong. 

Berrios is still hanging on.  I'm not particularly surprised.  They already dumped Vyncint Smith, but surprisingly Jeff Smith seems to be hanging on for the time being.  

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8 minutes ago, Facts said:

He isn’t posting in this thread because he’s too busy consoling Yeboah on Twitter DM’s.

Say what you want about him but he usually sticks around to take his medicine.

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1 hour ago, Beerfish said:

I'm sure there will be a great rush of teams to try  and obtain a guy that could not make the jets murderers row of TE's

Well one team traded for one of those TEs

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1 minute ago, sec101row23 said:

He’s a legit lunatic.  Imagine dying on the Kenny Yeboah hill like this.  Truly lunacy.  

Was Kenny the one that he exchanged messages with or something?  

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