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And just like that it has all come full circle


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1 minute ago, Daddy Wang Doodle said:

Dude is an absolute lunatic. For his sake he should hope something is genuinely wrong with him, only so he has the slightest chance of getting it fixed

He is, but in a weird way I think he makes this forum better.

You need a ying for your yang. Or whatever. I probably butchered that but I hope you get the point.

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13 minutes ago, Facts said:


What you are saying is just wrong!  Yeboah got congratulated for making a great play to tie the game, and it is something I'm sure he will aways remember.

The idea that he shouldn't have gotten a game ball because he was going to get cut is just moronic.

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We all can agree that @Defense Wins ChampionshipsDWC at times can be a bit much I find him to be a passionate Jets Fan albeit sometimes a bit too repetitive and argumentative but to discuss him while on his hiatus and unable to respond is not cool. this and other forums are for entertainment and sharing of opinions. If someone bothers you that much don’t respond or engage 

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