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This guy's been starting all summer across from Hall, no? You'd think if there was any chance of him getting cut we would have seen him slip down the depth chart. Don't understand this move right now. This guy has been out #1 corner for over a year - Granted that isn't saying much on this team but nonetheless, wtf?

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The NFL has become a league that is so scheme driven that new regimes seem to come in a totally remake rosters.  If an existing player is not a prefect scheme fit they are gone.  Now I am not saying 100% for sure this is the case here but there is a reason the team drafted a slew of late CB.

I've never been in love with the player but in a the right scheme he can be a decent starter imo and some  other team will give him a shot.

New guys that the GM and or coach have drafted recently will always bet the advantage over existing players.

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