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romo compares Zach to Mahomes

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5 minutes ago, shuler82 said:

Since we all know Tua sucks gigantic sweaty balls, I’m not sure what to make of this tweet. 

LOL I read that (tweet) thinking that his take on MIA makes everything else he says irrelevant or at least that is how the tweeter made it seem.

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20 hours ago, Jet2020 said:

I swear Tony jerks off to the Jets QBs every Sunday. 

Meh, it's better that than what most commentators do on the Jets' players. Plus when calling games he's kind of shown there isn't just mush between his ears in terms of football intelligence, plus he was a successful QB himself (and not just because he was innately the most talented). 

It's nicer to see than the usual, but it still doesn't mean anything. I mean, of all people, Pat Mahomes comparisons before he's taken his first snap in a game that counts? Not that I wouldn't welcome even 75% of Mahomes's production, nor that I'm not hopeful for Wilson myself, but at this point such a comparison is a bit much. 

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