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Respond to this tweet and let Woody know he needs to replace the field at the stadium with the grass he is so proud of


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19 minutes ago, Larz said:

They should use a tray system.

LOL.  Remember that?  What a colossal screwup that turned out to be.  I literally laughed during the last few games on that crap.  Towards the end it looked like the surface of the moon.   Ball carriers tried to avoid certain trays like the plague.  They high-stepped like they were running tires.    Lumpy and uneven, it was even worse than the fuzzy cement in the old Astrodome. 

I remembered watching it and thinking that football would be interesting if they had to play on changing surfaces.  Big rocks, then ice, then swinging vines etc.  If that sounds odd, then you missed the last few games on the trays.  They did used to have the goalpost on the goal line.  Some interesting play calls ended forever when it was moved behind the endzone.

I remembered thinking it was so promising too.  I mean, what could go wrong?

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So you obviously don't remember the Meadowlands turf of the 80's or when they took it out and put grass in for a few years in the 90's and then took it out because it was terrible.  The stuff that is there now is light years beyond what they used to play on when it really WAS an inch of padding over concrete and under astroturf.    Plus practice and playing fields get different use.  Not sure why everyone got so bent out of shape about less than 5 minutes of screen time.

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