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Crowder tests positive for COVID-19.

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46 minutes ago, Joe W. Namath said:

Crowder didnt do much in the preseason.  You get the vibe that he just doesnt fit on this team.  Moore will be getting all the snaps ahead of him.

If douglas can get a decent pick for him, i think he will be moved immediately.

If that was the case, why wasnt he traded during or right after the draft.

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48 minutes ago, Green Truth said:

He will be fine.  Stinks he most likely will miss week one.  We could have thrown him out on defense and Sam would definitely have found him,  since they have great chemistry.


That all depends when he "actually" tested positive.

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28 minutes ago, peebag said:

just plain sad.


And stupid. You cant make this sh*t up.  They start this mess, they then push for a vaccine, then they want to take credit for the vaccine, then they refuse to take the vaccine and huff and puff it violates their constitutional rights.  WOW just WOW. 

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