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Peter King predicts how the season will unfold for AFC & NFC


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29 minutes ago, Albaniajet said:

Stafford the greatest ever qb to never win a playoff game despite having the greatest WR of all time to throw to for 7 years

It's like being the best lax player ever in the history pf Antarctica. Who are the other candidates for this honor; Vince Young? Marty Domres? Joe Piscarcik? Ryan f___in' Fitpatrick? 

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The Pats have a playoff team.  They also have a rookie QB who while accurate holds the ball forever.  Not Brady like at all.   I see them lossing a few games they shouldn't because of their QB.  Could see Miami beating them out for the 2nd spot.

Could easily see SF, NO and Seattle not making the playoffs.  Likely one of them does but not all 3.  Also could see WTF come out of the NFC east instead of Dallas.  

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12 hours ago, Joe Willie White Shoes said:

He just picked the same teams to make the playoffs as did in 2020. There is about 40-50% turnover of playoff teams each year in the NFL. His picks are ridiculously chalky and then for good measure, one of the three teams he picks to make the playoffs this year that did not last year is his beloved Pats.  

The jets going 8-8 after King predicted us to go 0-16 in 2013 was one of the few happy moments I’ve had as a fan in 10 years


Peter King is a douche


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I have never understood the love for Stafford. I get that he has great stats, even after Johnson retired, despite increasingly worse coaches and an otherwise mediocre roster. He's another Tony Romo. Great stat lines but doesn't deliver wins.

The Rams will almost certainly see the playoffs--not because of Stafford but in spite of him.

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