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Zach Wilson voted team captain


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43 minutes ago, Lith said:

Nice honor for Foley.  Late round pick, worked hard to become part of rotation and now gets named a team captain.  Not bad -- 6th round pick to team leader.

Foley seems like a great character, and he has earned everything he has got as an afterthought 6th round pick.

Really hope he has a great year and is rewarded with a nice long-term deal. He's the kind of home-grown talent that we need to develop and retain.

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48 minutes ago, Joe W. Namath said:

Very cool.

In other news, Tua was not voted a captain for the dolphins.  That franchise literally hates tua.  Its very strange.

Most franchises hate bad QBs.  Our franchise keeps them around for 3-4 years and have fans who years later still bemoan when they're gone.  

Granted, the Dolphins are hardly the best franchise to try to impersonate.  But its better to move on from a bad QB quickly than hang onto them for an extra year or 2.  The Cardinals gave up on Josh Rosen after 13 starts and it worked out pretty well for them.

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I’ve been tough on Mosley, most Jets fans have. Pretty cool though for him to come back this year and be voted captain again like in 2019. Let’s just hope he lasts more than 1 quarter this time. As far as Zach goes, I was pretty surprised to see this mostly because you just don’t expect a year 1 signal caller to be named captain. I think it says a lot about him. 

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