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2021 Week One Game Thread -- Jets vs Panthers; Let's Go Jets


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Just now, jetspenguin said:

This isn't exactly the amount of pressure that you would normally see as a qb in the NFL...This is just some next level of ineptitude that we have on display blocking for him.

Sent from the NY Jets Training Camp Suicide Watch desk.

But they're still better than last few years.  At least they can snap the football.

Baby steps.

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47 minutes ago, LionelRichie said:

What play works with no OL?   

Short quick outs... draw plays, traps... spread them out & let your playmakers play... then give it a shot deep... keep it simple... sort of what the Panthers are doing... Lafluer is calling plays that take too much time to develop.

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Just now, STLuLu said:

They aren't blitzing just looks that way. That's just how bad the OL is playing.

That’s not true at all.  They are rushing 5 nearly every pass scenario.  Sometimes 6 or 7.   It’s part of the reason the line looks so bad, they are absolutely lost on blitz pickups and line stunts.

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You guys so focused on "winning" and "being a good football team" don't know how to have any fun.

We suck and reveling in it in a hedonistic anarchy fashion is great.

We might be the worst enjoy it. Robby and Sam  hooked up for a long TD to salt the wound you can't  write that any better. Our mediocre cast-offs are giving it to us and I find it hilarious. 

the office television GIF

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