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32 out of 33 "Experts" pick the Panthers to win today over the Jets


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All 11 ESPN analysts pick the Panthers, both Mike Florio and Chris Simms pick the Panthers by 10 points over the Jets.  8 out of 8 sports analysts at CBS Sports all pick the Panthers, and 4 out of 5 analysts from MMQB pick the Panthers.  Overall, it said that 32 out of 33 picked the Panthers.

Interestingly, Conor Orr, who is a fan of the Panthers, picked the Jets.

In my Prediction thread, I picked the Jets.  Either I am a genius, or I'm not.  lol

Or, am I just a homer?  I am a homer, but I can't help what I see, and I like what I see.  

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I went to one Panther Board checked out what they are saying.  Only one guy predicated a large win. 

The fact is that they know very little about us really......... and we won TWO GAMES last year, hardly anything to scare anybody so there is that..........but the truth is we are trying to build something here and I truly believe that we have the pieces to win some games regardless of what happens today....

My Prediction

Jets 28

Panthers 24

Jets pull the upset!


Simple, Panthers are putting too much faith in Darnold early it will take 3 to 4 games to wash the stench of the Gase horror show from off of him (no pre-snap motion, running predictable routes etc.) and then they will see who Darnold, for Good or Ill, is after that but not today.....

Lets Go Jets!!

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First game of the season is always hard to predict. The Panthers should be favored as the home team with more veteran experience and cohesion. The Jets could surprise, but odds are that this will be a work in progress game for them. The OL has very little experience together and that will be problematic, especially with the coordination requirement of zone blocking. Zach will make mistakes. He's not Dan Marino in his fifth year. Darnold will make some plays against a weak secondary.  This could be a close game if Zach is sharp and the Jets could pull it out. Just won't be surprised if the Panthers grind out a win.

I won't predict a score, since it seems a close call that could swing either way. But I'm rooting for a Jets win, of course.

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