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Betty’s Final Preseason Thoughts


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Well, here we go.

  • Offense - It’s all about the OL.  I don’t expect them to be in the top half of the league to start the season but I do expect them to get better week-by-week.  That’s really the key to the season.  If that happens this offense could be good.  Corey Davis and Elijah Moore could be special.  Tight end is a weakness and I expect them to address that next offseason.  Wydermyer from A&M is a big dude and could fit into this offense very nicely.  Mims is a wildcard.  If he takes the next step they will be even more dangerous.  The running game could/should be very solid which is important given the rather porous defense.  If AVT turns out to the worth all the picks they gave up to get him the foundation will be there to build upon.
  • Defense - It’s all about the rookies.  If Nasrildeen and Sherwood limit the rookie mistakes and MC II, Echols and Dunn justify the lack of veterans, this defense could be decent.  Again, they won’t start out on fire but they could get better as the season progresses.  Q, Rankins and Foley will hopefully benefit from Saleh’s aggressiveness and help the secondary.  They should have a good game today.
  • Miscellaneous - Let’s face it, as optimistic as we are about Saleh and his staff, we don’t know if he will be successful.  We do know, however, that it will be a pleasure to not have to see the moron Gaze on the sidelines.  It’s also great to know we have a leader in Douglas and the Johnson’s are not co-GMs.  They just need to sit on their pile of money and STFU.  So far, so good.  I expect a fair amount of losses but I’m hopeful they will finally look like an NFL team.  I do not expect the Jets to be playing meaningful games by late October but I do expect lots of close games.  

Well, here we go!   

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