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Week 1 bright spots?

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actually the numbers wound up being respectable anyway. darnold sh*ts the bed if he is the jets qb today

Wilson getting pounded all day and still keeping his eyes down field 

Zach wilson looks good despite what the numbers might say

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Despite the loss, a lot of bright spots;

- Half time adjustments - how many times in the past few years did we ask for those in frustration?

- Corey Davis looks like a solid free agent signing (for once) and played like a WR1. That's huge. 

- We have TEs. That looked like one of the weakest groups on the roster but they were massive for us. 

- The Rookie CBs did alright!

- Mosley looked interested! That's like a fresh signing. 

- I don't know what is going on with Mims but he IMMEDIATELY made an impact on coming in. 

- Our stud LT went down and for once we had depth and our play improved after!

- Our placekicker subbed for our punter and did great! 

- Maybe most important, Zach showed the ability to move the ball and get explosive plays. If Moore or Davis make one of those catches in the first half, his numbers would have actually looked pretty solid on his debut despite horrendous protection early on. 


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1 bright spot is, if this is a bad game for Wilson, imagine what a good game looks like? I've seen a lot of non Jets fans basically saying Darnold had a good game when he threw for less than 300 yards, 1 TD because that's basically as good as it gets for him. 

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