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Who Needs a Punter?


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6 hours ago, kelticwizard said:

I don't see why not.  I can remember when kickers and punters also played other positions, like linemen and linebackers.

And hit 60% of their field goals,

Pat McAfee talked about it on one of his podcasts.   They really don't like doing it, and the practices can mess up your leg/knee.

Also, then if you lost that kicker/punter, you literally have no special teams.

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15 hours ago, joewilly12 said:

Amendolas leg will be hanging by week 3 and he won't make a damn FG or EXP 


That's like saying Mahomes will be bad by week 3 because he had to throw the ball too many times the first 2 weeks. The least of my concerns is Amendola having the stamina to kick a ball a few extra times a game.  

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