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An overlooked [abandoned?] skill.


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Mr. Matt Ammendola, in his first punt of the game, dusted off a skill that was once part of every punter's toolkit and presented a shining example of it. That skill is in not punting straight away, but angling the punt so that it goes out of bounds at the furthest possible point. This eliminates the possibility of a punishing return. Mr. Ammendola provided a textbook example. It requires kicking for distance as opposed to seeking the greatest hang time. Hang time -- fair catch and all that jazz -- doesn't matter if the kick is properly angled to the sideline.

Who knows? Along with punters developing a more aggressive approach to their jobs we may even hear, once again, the accompanying phrase: 'The coffin corner.'

Go, Matt! Go, Jets!

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1 hour ago, Larz said:

Every NFL punt is a directional punt coordinated with the cover team. 


No need for a cover team if the punter has the necessary skill and is given the freedom to use it. In one great boot, both possible errors of the cover team and a multi-yard punt return become moot.

Regards, stay safe 'n well.

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