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What Belichick will really be doing tomorrow when the Pats CS creates a game plan?

Digging up every successful stunt the Pats, or any team for that matter, have run over the last 10 years.  

He will have the Jets OL not only missing blocks on DL, but buttfumbling into each other and actually blocking each other.

I just hope Zach has enough balls not to get “ghosted.”

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1 hour ago, SameOldJets79 said:

Word on the street is pats are giving all there reps to the 2nd team in practice as they will see most of the action once the high noon slaughter is cemented by half time... 

Do you upvote yourself on all your posts on the NE forum too? Jeez. 

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The Jets aren't exactly good. But how exactly are the Pats good? Seriously, they were 7-9 last year, and have now gone with the fifth best QB in the draft. Who cares that Peter King and Mike Florio are drooling over Jones? Belichick could draft a flaming pile of dog droppings, put a Patriots jersey over it, and ESPN, PFT, and all the other national media would be fitting the bag for a yellow jacket in Canton.

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2 hours ago, SameOldJets79 said:

Relax im a jet fan... finding comedy and humor in the mess instead of getting pissed off 

You're a 12 year old bitch that is soon going to see what a Bradyless Patriot fanbase looks like - non-existent.  


Jump on the Mahomes train and **** off, you're boring and pathetic.

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