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thursday night football Washington vs Giants


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17 minutes ago, addage said:

The NFL and the advertisers.  You have a national game with 2 mediocre/bad teams.  By mid-season, maybe their fans wouldn't watch either.  But the League just keeps raking it in.

Just beyond dumb to put this game on Thurs. Night.  I'll watch for a bit just to see if Jones continues his astounding march into NFL fumbling oblivion.  

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1 hour ago, Warfish said:

I have a vague local-to-DC rooting interest in the WFT.  

And I do love plucky underdogs like Hienke.

So yeah, WFT for me tonight.  Go Woooft's!

Only WFT are not underdogs. 3 pt favorites. The over/under was 41 this morning.  Took the under.  

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I was actually rooting for Fitz because I like him, sucks that he got hurt in the first game. I cannot stand the Giants. It's a pleasure watching their stumbling bumbling fumbling quarterback Danny Dimes...lol.

Typical fair weather fan base just like Yankees fans, and I can't stand them either. Fat Mike Francesa comes to mind. The Italian guy who always goes with the sure thing like he's part of the crowd and has some inside info. Can anybody say clown shoes?

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