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OK, Which One of You Was This?


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I don't think Darwin took into account how colossally stupid human beings could be - as if their extra "brain power" also made them think of extra idiotic ways to self terminate, as the species whittles itself down by a thousand cuts. But somehow Mother Nature has to fight back against overpopulation to save the rest of the planet - encouraging us to notch our bungee jumping chords, eat junk food, drink bleach, eat horse dewormers, invent new weapons of mass destruction - it isn't thinning the herd fast enough for the planet to survive.  Soilent Green is coming ... at least I'll be wearing the right colored jersey, and I'll get closer to the front of the line. Hopefully for eating, not processing.

And he could have used a tape measure.

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These stories are very helpful as a father of two sons. Always use a good,” damn, least that ain’t done that shit” example to get through head scratching fathering Moments. We literally had a neighborhood kid hang him self wanking it when they were in high school. Interesting conversation to have with a 10th and 12th grader. I was like tossing your  dice is fine but if you die before you roll the point then it’s pointless. 

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