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I’ve been hearing all off-season and early this regular season the the Giants OL is probably the worst in the NFL. Admittedly I did not see their game vs Denver but I thought their OL was very good last night, especially when you factor who the were playing. 

Then you have our OL. I wanted to throw up watching them treat Zach like he was Sam. The line couldn’t have been worse vs Carolina.


I just hope it’s possible that our OL can make an all world transformation this week like the Giants OL did. If not I’ll have to start questioning our coaching. 

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3 minutes ago, The Crusher said:

Fair, but I guess we don’t suck as much as we still gotta learn the system? So I’m told. They suck I think. 

Here is a math problem.  I'm not sure if Leflefliur can solve it.  

The Given:

Team A has only 2 blockers along the left side of the line and no RBs stay in to block. 

Team B blitzes 1 so they have 3 on the left side   the LB comes untouched 7 yards to the QB.  

Team A has recievers all run 10+ yards to a spot.  


when does Zach Wilson get broken?

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I don't see us getting much better this week....BB will throw all types of blitzes at us from everywhere and disguise them. Doesn't bode well for a OL that hasn't played together all preseason and looked to have trouble finding the right assignment let alone blocking well week 1. 

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