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Enough about Mims. Give the ball to Ty Johnson.


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Ty Johnson reminds me of Aaron Jones, a former 5th round pick.  That arrogant mental midget, McCarthy, had Jones playing back up for two years before making him the full time starter.
Ty Johnson has a similar athletic profile, and the story of being ignored also fits.  The Lions drafted him in the 6th, kept him for a year and a half and then cut him.  Jets picked him up.  He shows chunk play ability in limited action last season, and Gase rewarded him with a trip back to the bench in favor of Frank Gore.   
Johnson looked the best in preseason.  He is the best running back on this roster.  Speed.  Hands.  Agility.  Power.  
Give him the damn ball…

Let’s get JAdams off the inactive list and we’ll have a solid 1 -2 punch with them.. fck the other backs

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8 hours ago, #27TheDominator said:

Didn't Johnson flat out blow at least one blitz pickup?

No.  I wondered about that too.  I saw a video review from a former QB named JT O’Sullivan.

The play where Burns ran by Ty and crushed Wilson in the back was a mistake by Zach.  He was looking to the left when the correct hot read was to the right.

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According to Saleh Mims as a #4 receiver is being asked to learn how to play multiple Wr positions and he just isn't hacking it and often doesn't run routes correctly. That's why guys like Berrios are getting more playing time. He also said Mims has improved. He made one good play last week but if you run incorrect routes that can screw up the entire offense. I have no reason to mistrust Saleh. He seems to be a player's coach and a guy with a good temperament. 

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5 hours ago, rangerous said:

the danger in using the young guys is they probably don't have their pass blocking down right.  both carter and johnson are very quick and good pass receivers so maybe there's a way to protect wilson like using wesco more at full back.

From what I saw last week, there were 5-6 yd chunks to be had if Wilson went to a 2-step drop and fed his backs the ball.  At least it would have kept the pass rush honest...

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