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Eagles have extended Jordan Mailata and Josh Sweat recently. The Jets don't have a ton of FA's this offseason and most of them are veterans, but JD has extended guys mid-season before.

Two that are most interesting to me are Franklin-Myers and Fatukasi. Obviously a solid first week for JFM, he's a starter at end and kicks inside as well - think he offers a lot of value. Might be in bet on himself mode but there's a chance the Jets are kicking themselves for not trying to lock him up. Fatukasi could be reasonable to extend given his role but maybe they're letting him go for that reason. 

Thoughts on those two? Anyone else jump out?

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The Eagles have always been a team that looks to lock up young talent early. The Jets, not so much.

I hoped JD might import that policy, but it doesn't look like it so far.

Foley is a guy the Jets should definitely re-sign, JFM should also be a high priority.

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Fatukasi is the only player worth extending at this stage. I’m not in love with JFM, he’s solid but doesn’t really seem like a long term solution for the Jets. An excellent rotational guy, but nothing exceptional; Jordan Jenkins-esque

I hope he proves me wrong this year. 

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41 minutes ago, kdels62 said:

JFM and Fatukasi are the easy answers. Maybe even the only answers. 

JD is over focused on not overpaying and not focused enough about building a roster.  

NFL teams make hard decisions to pay ok players a lot of money so they fill positions, and then they can look to upgrade in the draft.

So given the Jets cap space and the fact that they will not pay a QB for another 2-3 years, I would sign Foley, JFM, Maye and Moses to decent extensions.  

Cole and Crowder are gone next year, but hopefully by then Mims and others can step up.  

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