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2 hours ago, Rangers9 said:

I predict another slow start offensively which seems to be our trademark. The diff is this week it’s not an L. Jets win 20-17. So two opening Ls for Beli as Brady and Gronk enjoy rubbing it in. 

I don't think it will be. Slow start at all I think we score a TD on the first possession. I bet the over three tds a piece..

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This old follower of the Jets [I worked for Mr. Leon Hess when he bought the Titans,] hopes that Mr. Zachery Wilson, at game's end, is as injury-free as at the moment of kick-off. That said, there's a good possibility that today's game, given the Jet's defensive squad, will not be a total run-away.


Go, Jets!

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I am extremely worried about the rush and blitzing from BB.  I hope ML has spent a considerable amount of time scheming to offset this.  If Zach gets hurt from unblocked rushers, etc., this is on ML.  His number one priority should be making sure Zach does not take excessive hits.  Hopefully he has extra blockers in backfield for protection, then they can roll out for screen passes. 

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Won't be able to watch the game today sadly, will have to just follow it on my phone.

With that said, good luck to our Jets and Wilson and the Coaches.

Be better than last week, that's all I ask every week.  Always be improving.  Be competitive.  The rest will come.


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