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Lets go!

Bad decision by Wilson, obviously, but I do like them looking to pass downfield on 2nd & short, rather than the usual running up the middle. Rookie mistake. Spoiler alert, he’ll make more of

Ok. I get it now. I get it why optimism is laughed at and swatted away like a fly by OG fans. I truly get it now. **** this ******* team. 

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3 minutes ago, Smashmouth said:

Tipped ball and a dropped pass obviously both 100% Zach's fault ...Right ? Stop with  this nonsense

The first pick was a bad decision the second was not his fault 

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1 minute ago, Jetsfan80 said:

I like the routes where Mims catches 40 yard passes.  Maybe we should activate a guy like that.  

I think most receivers can do that when they aren't gaurded.

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9 minutes ago, jetspenguin said:

No...it's not nearly over...not even close...hold onto your hat

This is the Patriots and Belichick we're talking about.  He doesn't lose to rookie QB's.  Like ever.  His defense is a lot better than it was in 2020.  And we spotted him a 10-0 lead in the worst fashion possible.  He's gonna dink and dunk us to death the rest of the game with Mac Jones.  What path to victory do you see today?

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