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Lets go!

Bad decision by Wilson, obviously, but I do like them looking to pass downfield on 2nd & short, rather than the usual running up the middle. Rookie mistake. Spoiler alert, he’ll make more of

Ok. I get it now. I get it why optimism is laughed at and swatted away like a fly by OG fans. I truly get it now. **** this ******* team. 

Posted Images

I was calling for him to be benched earlier.

While we could still win.

Now keep him in there and make him suffer.  

Zach ruined the home opener for his teammates and us fans.  Now let him face the music.

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We should. Because we could have drafted a real left tackle and have a qb who looks line he can play. Wilson looks like a joke right now
No we shouldn't. He isn't on this team anymore...do you still want to talk about all the players who are no longer on this team or that we gave anything else to do with?

Move on

Sent from the NY Jets Training Camp Suicide Watch desk.

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Just now, LockeJET said:

This is one of the most embarrassing games I’ve ever seen for quarterback

it is? because as a jets fan you've seen a butt fumble, sanchez throw 5 ints in a game and 4 ints twice, darnold throw 4 ints in a game twice, fitzpatrick throw 6 ints in a game, and our qb get knocked out for the year because he was a douche who wouldnt pay a debt

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23 minutes ago, Warfish said:

Rough start for this O. Three INTs ouch.

Figured out how to stream to my phone, not sure I should have, lol.

Well, see what the 2nd half looks like. Only down by 10. Not insurmountable.

Hes trash, Saleh is all hype, and this team is unwatchable.  

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1 minute ago, Spoot-Face said:

Let's be honest, no QB playing for the New York Jets is ever going to look good.


It's so unreal it's like it's staged. Someone is paying off Jets' QBs under the table to suck on purpose.

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