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Lets go!

Bad decision by Wilson, obviously, but I do like them looking to pass downfield on 2nd & short, rather than the usual running up the middle. Rookie mistake. Spoiler alert, he’ll make more of

Ok. I get it now. I get it why optimism is laughed at and swatted away like a fly by OG fans. I truly get it now. **** this ******* team. 

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10 minutes ago, Irish Jet said:

Who drafted him? Who ensured he would be the uncontested starter?

Plenty called out that red flag at the time. 

Look, I said earlier this week that I lost all confidence inJD.   Folks laughed when I said a few weeks ago that JD was going to start to hear rumblings if the losses keep coming.  Don't think anyone is laughing any longer.

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Zach has no business starting in the NFL. 
What a horrible decision to not sign a veteran and let this kid learn. 
He’s gonna end up worse than how we did Sam. 
Same ol Jets. Itll never change. If Saleh doesn’t have the balls to yank this kid then he’s part of the issue too. 

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1 minute ago, Facts said:

I’m so tired of the excuses for every damn QB that comes here.

I understand the frustration trust me but this is a rookie QB we have to deal with games like this. 

crying won’t change anything 

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56 minutes ago, freestater said:

Thought he played well last week. Zach wouldn't be the first rookie for the Scumbag to screw with. Good news from this game...both lines playing well, Saleh/Ulbricht's D looking good

Not every young QB who has struggled against Belichick has performed like this.  That's the problem here.  I expected some rough play.  I also expected him to compete.  This kind of dreadful performance demonstrates he has a very low floor like so many failure Jets QB's we've had.  He's now a bust until he proves otherwise and chances are very low that he will.

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1 minute ago, long time suffering Jets f said:

Looking back those meaningless wins against the Rams and Browns could of very well sealed our fate gong forward.

Lawrence looks like what I expect a rookie qb would look like, not great, but at least decent.  Wilson looks like he doesn't even belong on the field!😩

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