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Jets Inactives Today (Mims And Crowder)


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35 minutes ago, jamesr said:

This situation with Mims strikes me as being related to "establishing the culture" ... guys with talent but lower effort get dropped, guys with effort but lower talent play.

I'm not 100% on the whole "can't learn the plays" ... seems it's more about effort than smarts IMHO.

agree with this

Also, from one of those One Jets Drive episodes, he came off a bit unsure of himself. 

I mean this is just sloganeering, and a huge leap by me, but dude doesn't exactly seem to fit the "all gas, no brake" mentality. 

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3 minutes ago, undertow said:

The Jets drafted a knucklehead in the second round it doesn't take Perry Mason to figure this out.  Either way somebody messed up in this situation JD or Saleh.  Think I'm gonna support the coach on this one since we already have evidence of JD not picking the right players.  

But yet he can learn the playbook for the scout team and dominate our starting D.

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22 hours ago, clayton163v said:

Apparently so.  He has made the coaching staff forget about them too.  All indications were that he had the best camp outside of Moore among the WRs.

Yes.  It is Smith over Mims.  Berrios returns punts and gives you depth.  But it is Cole and Smith who have put Mims on the bench.

Outright release?  Trade?  I doubt both for the same reason.  Not much is going to come back in return.  Mims is still an excellent prospect.  But it is a disappointment that he has been unable to learn the playbook well enough to line up correctly and run the proper pattern.  He is going to take time but if the light bulb goes on he is still a tremendous talent.

As for the players who put him on the bench, both Cole and Smith had excellent camps.  And the evidence proves that the Jets protect J. Smith and have refused to waive him for two years now.  Remember, J. Smith is a converted college QB who was always a project.  It looks like his time is now but given his size speed combination and his plus athleticism, he has real upside and is no slouch.  

I give Joe D a pass on Mims here.  There is no way for Joe D to either just dump him or to know that Mims would be unable to learn the brand new playbook.  Remember, Mims is a rookie with that thing. 

No.  But his being inactive might compel another team to make a decent offer.  I doubt it is enough to compensate the Jets.

Jeff Smith has outperformed Mims.  It looked that way in preseason.  It became obvious when J. Smith made our final 53 and is now a fact with Mims left inactive.  Jeff Smith beat him out.  Probably through superior preparation.

Crowder is hurt.  One of the Jet dynamics that has yet to play out is whether Moore has beaten out Crowder for the starting role in the slot.  Until Crowder is active, we do not know.  Unless Crowder has beaten out Moore, there is no reason to activate him over more versatile players in Smith and Berrios. 

Hopefully, the addition of Cole will leave Berrios on the field only to return punts.  Last week, Berrios was ahead of Mims on the depth chart.  It is why we saw him in the game.  This week it should be Davis, Cole and Moore.  If we go with a fourth WR, it will be Smith. 

Agreed.  He is betwixt and between in his rookie deal and lengthy development time.  It is obvious he has had playbook learning issues.  Trading him is not going to magically make his problems disappear..

Yes.  I wonder who has won the slot job, Crowder or Moore.  I looks like we will have to wait another week to find out. 

This is the most logical outcome.  Unlike Mims, Crowder has value to a needy team.  His career stats are impressive and his is a top 15 NFL slot receiver.  Is he worth a 2d round pick?  No.  But you might get a team to give you a 2d round pick for a 3d and Crowder.  That would benefit the Jets more than his play this season and is not a high price for a solid contributor.  We even reduced his salary to $5 million from $10 which many believe was done so we could trade his contract.  


FELLAS.  While there has been a lot of speculation regarding Mims and his place on the Jets, this is not speculation.  We now have evidence that the coaching staff have moved on from Mims.  Whether additional practice may improve the coaches' confidence is unknown, but this season appears to be slipping away from Denzel Mims.  

I try to look at the positive side of things.  I offer congratulations to Jeff Smith and wish him well.  Go Jets.


Rookies should be seen and not heard .

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