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Please bench him! Save his Jets career!


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1 hour ago, adb280z said:

Darnold is 16/20 for 200 yards and a 2 TDs.  Maybe it's just a Jets thing.

No.  It is a supporting cast thing and a game plan that makes sense.  We are Jet fans.  We know Sam.  Ask yourself, will this work:

"Sam, throw it to Johnny, if it is not there then throw it to McCaffery."

"Sam, throw it to Billy, if it is not there then throw it to McCaffery."


They also have him taking plenty of snaps under center and running play action before they . . . "dump it to McCaffery."  I am not surprised that it is working. 

Sam never had a McCaffery.  Sam never had a game plan.  Sam never had a coach who realized that he can make all the throws, but is not a rocket scientist.  Keep it simple.  The Bears should do the same thing with Fields.  I got news for you.  Matthew Stafford is not a rocket scientist and he was who scouts said reminded them of Sam. 

As for Zack, Ourlads said he needs to sit for a year.  Said the same about Sam and Geno.  Mark Sanchez too.  Pat Mahomes too.  Only one of them sat for a year . . .



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