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It really is mind boggling how a dual market of jets and giants ended up with the giant air conditioner while every other team builds the taj mahal.

Nice win for Tennessee.  Not gonna lie, I was defnitiely thinking about that Seattle #1 pick watching this one.

You forgot: Mac Jones looks way better than Zach.

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Just now, Beerfish said:

Sorry they have to do something about the reffing.  This league is turning into the NHL with game managing reffing.

That last penalty against the honey badger was ridiculous.

They need to have some level of consistency. You have refs 20+ yards away calling pass interference while the close ref isn't throwing the flag. They're making mistakes and just bad judgements all over. It's like the police, the refs have every reason to back each other up on the bad calls over getting it right. 

The same game, the same refs call it one way then don't call it on the next play. It's super frustrating after every good play you have to wait to see if there's gonna be a flag. 

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