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One of the most horrific (and defining) NYJ plays ever

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I'd have to say today's game was a disaster, a thought most fans would agree with but the Damien Harris TD run in the 3rd quarter was a symbol of how inept the team is; poor coaching and lack of football intelligence.

Now I'm primarily a hockey guy, so the most relatable term would have to be hockey IQ - and on the football field, the NYJ have very little "football IQ".

The inability to tackle a player who wasn't even running that hard was emblematic of the team's pathetic, clueless effort all afternoon.  We are not talking about Derrick Henry here folks, and I counted at least 8 jets had a shot at him and could not tackle him.

The NYJ suck right now and will continue to do so until the team is completely revamped from ownership downward IMO. And yes, Darnold is now 2-0 looking like an excellent starting NFL QB, proving me right that he was not the problem. You can put Dan Marino, Steve Young and Joe Montana out there and they would not have looked good with the awful roster the Jets fielded the last few years.

They need to draft better and smarter, and bring in better talent, and soon or we will see Wilson rotated out as we have seen with QBs for the last 12-15 years.

This play is just pathetic:


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Pointless thread. Perhaps you were late to the party becuase they did exactly that, besides ownership, who just sit in their comfy boxes. As inept human beings as they come, they dont play the game. And on that particular run you mentioned, the RB ran over some UPS guy they recently signed. Other than that, no one was able to get a clean shot at him.  It was a very good run and he deserves some credit there.    

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