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How Much Would Every Jet Fan Need to Pony Up On Average For the Fans To Buy the Team From Beavis and Butthead ala Green Bay?

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Jus Curious. Asking for a friend or two.

(Serious tho. What if we could pony up like $10,000 per (assuming a base of 100,000 invested fans — and obviously some would pay more and some less) or a fund for the equivalent financial instruments as something like shares that would create a PR pressure campaign, and and offer that cannot be resisted because it meets or exceeds valuation.)

Remember, Bill Bellichik likely spurned the Jets bc of ownership… Stewardship of this franchise is the critical ******* point. Just asking for a friend btw. 

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3 minutes ago, defensedoesntgetyoulaid said:

However much it is, if you send the money to me via PayPal I'll make sure all the relevant paperwork is sorted out.


If you can't trust a Bills fan who can you trust?

TBH you are nothing to me, I only hate the dolphins (tho their unis are dope). Buffalo is like a nonentity. I hate the pats way more and actually root for the bills whenever you play the fins or pats.  

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