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CJ Mosley and Shaq Lawson deserve a thread regarding their play yesterday


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I was at the game yesterday, so I didn't have the advantage of what was said on TV, but both CJ Mosley and Shaq Lawson passed the eye test for me.

I felt like not only was CJ Mosley all over the field making tackles, but when he made a tackle, he stonewalled the player trying to gain extra yards.  I did see that he led all tacklers on the Jets with 10 tackles yesterday.  For my money, I consider Mosley "back".

As for Shaq Lawson, he didn't look to me to be some "garbage player" that we got off of the rock pile.  He looked like he was making plays and being a positive force for the defense.  I was encouraged by what I felt was his positive demeanor, and believe that he will continue to contribute on the field this year.  

I would like to add regarding Quinnen Williams that I feel he should be playing strictly defensive end, and see if he can get to the QB.  Perhaps someone can educate me if they feel otherwise, but for what is supposed to be a "breakout year" for him, the only thing I see him maybe breaking out is acne.  lol

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