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RIP Savage69


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4 minutes ago, BP said:

He was a great poster and he was fun to party with too. Many lost weekends on ft lauderdale blvd with him before Jets/Fins games.

Must have been cool to meet someone from the internet world in person.  Sounds like Sav was a blast in real life, too.   Those must be some incredible stories, BP.

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12 minutes ago, Long Island Leprechaun said:

He was an edgy, curmudgeonly guy with a great sense of humor and the memory of an elephant for Jets history. I'll miss him. RIP

All true. And he was level headed through the bad Jets times and good. I could be wrong on both counts but I believe he served in-country and was a mountain of a man. But he was not made "savage" by the pain of war or made arrogant by dint of his size. I never went back and forth with him on anything because I was in awe, And just listening was enough. I say that about next to no one. Sav, hope you are enjoying champagne, and that it is served in the manner that you seem to like.

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24 minutes ago, JiFapono said:

So true, I remember the first time he called Curtis the "stat compiler"  lmfao - we battled, I got heated, he kept his cool, as usual.  Just a really cool dude, always.  Got to meet him down at a Dolphins game w/ @Klecko73isGod,  just as cool as you would think in person.  

Really sad day, dont really remember losing a legendary member of our community like this...and just think, if we all loved him this much, how much did his real friends and family love him?  He will be missed by many!

So sorry to hear about this.

Savage was a good dude and he will be missed.

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