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NFL Thursday night game

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Amazing how everyone on JN who sh*t on Darnold the last two years have suddenly come to the conclusion that football is a team sport.

3-0 start for Darnold, JN implodes even further!   

This board is a train wreck. It's unreadable.  When Carolina does well, trading Darnold was the worst trade in NFL history .  When McCaffrey goes down and Darnold looks like , well Darnold, then the n

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Really want both teams to lose today.  I want a nice high 2nd rounder from Carolina, but on the other hand, I am going to Houston in November for the game against the Texas and I want them to lose a lot so ticket prices are dirt cheap for an epic Jets-Texans late season matchup.

I guess I should root for the Texans, as there are still plenty more weeks for them to lose after today, but Carolina really could use an L.

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Houston playing soft coverage, making it easy for Darnold to hit Moore over the middle. If Houston persists all night with that coverage, Darnold could easily rack up 300 yards. Houston clearly missing the scouting reports on Darnold about how he turns to water if you put pressure on him.

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