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NFL Thursday night game

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Amazing how everyone on JN who sh*t on Darnold the last two years have suddenly come to the conclusion that football is a team sport.

3-0 start for Darnold, JN implodes even further!   

This board is a train wreck. It's unreadable.  When Carolina does well, trading Darnold was the worst trade in NFL history .  When McCaffrey goes down and Darnold looks like , well Darnold, then the n

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Just now, Integrity28 said:

Ingram is the best they have right now. Johnson is washed. Lindsay not schemed right.

Ingram is a good secondary back for a team like the Ravens...none of these guys are great but Johnson has looked the best so far tonight imo

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Just now, DLJ said:

This kid has done nothing all game until the waning moments and he’s better? Quit trolling

He looked more composed on that drive than Wilson has all year. Zero chance Zach could get the ball out quickly and stand in the pocket like that. 

Zach would be running around like a chicken with his head cut off. 

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wait no way. the great Sam Darnold fumbles AGAIN!!!!...

add that to his fumble against us and the shovel pass INT last week and this is the same Sam Darnold

mark my words, when Sam plays a good team then lets talk about how good hes doing. and now that he doesnt have the top2 RB in the league for a few weeks hes toast

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11 minutes ago, DLJ said:

Why won’t the Texans cut Watson then? If he’s not going to play at all

They’re trying to squeeze a few extra draft picks out of the Dolphins, and they’re waiting to see if anyone else—like the Panthers or Broncos—jumps into the bidding at any point, I’d guess. If something changes where it becomes clear that Watson isn’t going to face charges, there’ll be a feeding frenzy from teams that are sick of their QB’s. 

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