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Am I alone in still being excited?


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I still hold out hope that JD and Saleh can turn things around.  The process is going to be much more painful than I imagined, however. Based on the first three games, I think it is possible that the Jets won't win a game this year as hard as that is in a 17 game season.  I think they could definitely set a record for shut outs and lowest points scored.  I have to say I am concerned about Mike LaFleur although I think he needs to be given a chance.  It's a tough job.  This is his first time as OC and rookies, new players, injuries and a thin talent pool doesn't help.  The Mims situation, however, is troubling.  When your offense has scored the lowest number of points in the first half of the first three games of any NFL team in 20 years, you need a very convincing reason why you don't let this guy take the field.

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I'm trying to take the logical approach that it will take a little while to install this offense in a way that it runs properly; unfortunately, history shows it may take quite a few games before that happens. Hopefully Wilson survives that process in one piece.

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4 hours ago, NYJ1 said:

First win of many this season IMO. I'm thinking the Jets beat Atlanta, NE, and Indy in the coming weeks

One game at a time. It was a good step but still as a team there were a lot of little mistakes and Zach missed some easy ones. Without the pressure of no wins and not being able to score hopefully they play looser and improve each week.

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