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48 minutes ago, Alka said:

In all due respect, I completely disagree with you.

Let's make an analogy, shall we?

I bet someone that I can run 100 yards in 11 seconds.  I bet them 1 Million dollars.  I win the bet.  Question:  Did I fleece the guy I just won the bet with?  Obviously, the answer is yes, I did.

Now, I take that 1 Million dollars and go to the casino and lose the 1 Million dollars on a hand of Blackjack.   Did I still fleece the guy I made the bet with?

Of course I did.  I misused the money I won by making a stupid bet.  I ended up with nothing in the end, but I still had the compensation to do with it what I will.

The same is true for the 4th round pick we received.  The 4th round pick represents an opportunity to attain a draft pick that is worthy of the 4th round.  If JD squabbles that draft pick, then he should be blamed for misusing the capital that he earned by fleecing the team that he traded it for.

You traded a player you drafted who was worthless for a draft pick. 

Until you pick a player that contributes and helps the team win the draft pick is nothing. 

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I love how the sheep pile on to the same lazy narratives 

Until we select someone with the draft pick that turns out to be a decent player who helps this team win games no one fleeced anyone. 

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20 hours ago, Rhg1084 said:

Douglas absolutely fleeces these teams in trades, never seen anything like it 

And then he uses the picks he gets in return on guys like Jabari Zuniga and Cam Clark.

Never seen anything like it.


Actually, I have.  Most Jets GMs have used their picks similarly over the years.  Carry on. 😛


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