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Lafleur: Mims had another “great” practice


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remember what Saleh said the other day. Mims might play well in practice but he doesnt think that the guys ahead of him will give him there spot. 

so what you should ask LeFleur is how good was Berrios and Coles practice?

it doesn't matter if Mims is driving a car at 100 mph if Berrios and Cole are also driving at 100mph and they left before Mims. Mims will never catch them unless one lets up on the gas. 

and we know how Saleh feel about hitting the brakes.. lol

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Now if they design 20 plays for him and he's not open so they never throw it to him does it count?  Or if he gets the 1 catch for about 35 yards that he and Jeff Smith are trading off week to week so far?  Will we all cheer?  When will Devin Smith get resigned?

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5 minutes ago, joewilly12 said:

When your WR corps is below average and you have a player like Mims on the bench fans are intrigued as to why he isn't contributing to making the WR position better on this team and helping a rookie QB succeed. 

sad because i read on JN that the WR group was among the best in the league.

what happened to that!

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