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2 minutes ago, Saul Goodman said:

And the fans guzzle that Koolaid. “This is what a rebuild is! We are on that right track! It just feels different!”  Sure. 

Hey hey ……our coach runs the bleachers before games pal….do your homework before you criticize. 

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1 minute ago, T0mShane said:

I choose to be,I’ve @Mogglez in that Mims is probably a dog, which would explain why he fell in the draft in the first place. That said, they’ve had Mims for six months and no one on the coaching staff can get through to him? They should get rid of him and end the farce. It puts egg on everyone’s face to keep him around.

It has to be this. Douglas took a chance that dropping in the draft  would've got the moron's attnetion but it hasn't happened and may never happen. 

This offense needs to do something here. Jesus H Christ...

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7 minutes ago, Pichula said:

What do you QB gurus think Wilson should have done there? Free rusher down the middle 

Throw the ball away and not give up 10+ yards in field position.

The bigger issue is, as you point out, the way they’ve implemented this offense. It looks NOTHING like what was promised.

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1 minute ago, Grandy said:

Rough start obviously, but lol at the people that are giving up on Wilson. IF he still looks bad on week 15, it's rational to doomsay, but not game 3 after being completely outmatched on all fronts.

This isn't Darnold during year 3, this is a rookie during game 3.

The problem is you’re just not seeing anything to like.  At all.

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