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11 minutes ago, jetstream23 said:

Can’t run backwards like that.


5 minutes ago, genot said:

He does that a lot. A little disturbing. That's  not taught. That's  for sure.

Yup. It’s a bad habit. And, because he got away with it at BYU against inferior talent it seems to have become a bit embedded in him. When you’ve been successful doing something it becomes second nature. In the NFL with much better talent and faster players he can’t get away with that kind of scrambling.

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3 minutes ago, bgivs21 said:

Lol you're right, he should run forward into the tackle! It'll help soften the blow.

Jerkoff. You move side to side. You don't run straight back. You can't look to make a play and can't  get rid of the football if there's  no open receiver. Are you serious.

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